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When spills happen—stain removal tips & tricks, and when to call a pro.


First, the basics:

Act Fast • Most carpets today come with stain-resistant treatments • Spills can be removed if you get to them right away • The longer you delay, the more difficult removing carpet stains becomes

Blot Liquids • DO NOT rub them in • Use a clean white cotton cloth or plain white paper towels • Rinse the spot with COOL water and blot again until dry (heat will set many stains) • Don't scrub the area, or you may damage the carpet and set the stain permanently

Use a Fan • If you have a fan, leave the fan blowing on the area to dry it quicker • If you don't have a fan, set a stack of paper towels (white) or white cotton cloths on the stained area and put something heavy on them • Fast drying assures you that any remaining stain deeper in the carpet doesn't "wick up" to the surface and become visible again • DO NOT dry using heat, as this will set many stains If you're tackling a specific stain type, have a look at our stain removal topics, above.

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Coffee stains.


You know the basics, so let's sort out how to get rid of a very common carpet stain: coffee.

1. Heat the area with a hot, wet cloth

2. Dab with vinegar

3. Rinse with water

4. Extract by laying clean white towels or paper towels on the stain so the towel wicks away the stain, or by vacuuming

5. Repeat as necessary

6. Dry using a fan or by laying clean white towels over the affected area and adding pressure

If this method doesn't work, many department stores sell coffee stain removal products, or you can call us at 613.233.1115.




Juice & Red Stains.

You know the basics, so let's sort out how to get rid of juice and other tricky red stains.

It isn't always possible to remove juice stains from carpet. All red stains are difficult to get out. The red coloring used in pop, candy, and other foods won't usually flush out with water. A shop-vac can suck some of it out if it is used quickly, before the spill enters the carpet fibers. Removing the rest of the stain is more difficult.

1. Use Dawn dish washing detergent—the original blue type.

2. Put five drops in two cups of warm water.

3. Moisten a white cotton cloth with this solution and lay it over the stain.

4. Set a clothing iron to “low” and place on the cloth over the stain.

5. Leave for fifteen minutes. Don't press down.

6. The stain should begin to wick up into the cloth. You'll see red on the cloth. Fold it to a clean part or use a new cloth, and repeat the process.




Chewing Gum in your Carpet.

You know the basics, so let's sort out how to get rid of chewing gum in your carpets.

1. Heat the gum with a hair dryer. Take care not to melt the carpet fibres!

2. Use a piece of plastic wrap or a plastic bag to lift the softened gum away. Just allow it to stick to the plastic, then pull it up.

3. Apply an extra strength muscle rub that contains methyl salicylate.

4. Use plastic again, or a rag to pull more gum out. Repeat if necessary. This should completely remove the gum.

5. Clean the area with a mild detergent solution (a few drops of dish soap in a cup of warm water will work). Voila!




Nail Polish on your Carpet.

You know the basics, so let's learn how to get nail polish out of your carpets.

1. Apply non-acetate fingernail polish remover to a white cotton cloth and dab the area, working from the edges towards the center.

2. Leave it for a few minutes, then blot it, rinse it, blot it, and repeat if necessary. That should do it!




Wax on your Carpet.

You know the basics, so let's learn how to get wax off of your carpet.

1. To begin, gently scrape as much wax out of the carpet as you can, using a spoon

2. Put an ice cube on the wax to freeze it, leave it there for a minute

3. The wax should harden enough to break it up and get more of it out

4. To get the rest of the wax out of the carpet, put a clean brown paper bag over the spot

5. place a clothes iron on it, set on low

6. The wax will liquefy and transfer to the pape 7. Apply a new paper bag as often as necessary until you get out all of the wax. That wasn't as hard as it looked, was it?




Pet Stains on your Carpet.

You know the basics, so let's learn how to get pet urine stains out of your carpet.

1. Make a solution of 1/4 teaspoon liquid dish soap in one cup of warm water.

2. Don't use laundry detergent, automatic dish washing detergent, or dish soap with lanolin or bleach in it.

3. Spray or carefully spread the solution over the affected area.

4. Extract the solution using a shop-vac, plain white paper towels, or a white cotton cloth.

5. Rinse the area with warm water, extract, the apply the detergent solution again.

6. Repeat as long as there is improvement in the pet stains.

7. Then apply a solution of two tablespoons ammonia in a cup of water. Rinse, extract, and repeat. Blot or use a shop-vac until most of the moisture is out.

8. Lightly apply a solution of one cup white vinegar in two cups of water. Rinse and extract.

9. Dry the carpet completely by putting a layer of white paper towels over the spot and weighing them down with something that wont stain if it gets wet.

10. Change paper towels until the carpet is dry






Blood Stains on your Carpet.

You know the basics, so let's learn how to get blood stains out of your carpet. Blood stains on carpet will come out if you get to them quickly. Note: Heat will set the stain, so use only cold water with your cleaning solution.

1a. Rinse and extract the blood with cold water. Use just a little at a time, so you don't spread the stain. Just add water, then blot it up with a clean white cloth or white paper towels.

1b. Alternately, you can suck the solution out with a shop-vac, which means less of a chance of spreading the stain.

2. Try to remove the remaining stain with a solution of a few drops of Dawn dish washing soap in a cup of cold water.

3. Work it into the stain, but be careful not to spread the stain or rub so hard that you damage the carpet fibers. Damaged fibers hold stains.






Mustard, tea, and other dyes on your carpet.

You know the basics, so let's learn what to do when dyes stain your carpet.

Unfortunately, some substances like mustard and tea are dyes. This means that once the stain sets, they don't come out of carpet.

Since they can't be removed easily, consult a professional. They might suggest bleaching and then spot dying the damaged area.

Depending on your carpet type, different treatment may be needed, so leave this one to the pros.


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